Snoop Dogg To Be Inducted Into WWE The Hall Of Fame

An email from the WWE Network earlier today confirms the rumors that world renowned rapper Snoop Dogg will be inducted into the Celebrity wing of the Hall of Fame. Included in the email is a graphic for this Saturday’s Hall of Fame, which you can see below:


Snoop is actually the cousin of WWE Diva Sasha Banks and has made several appearances on WWE programming over the years, and even ventured into the ring as seen below:

Ski’s Take – To be brutally honest, I forgot about that rumor of Snoop going into the Hall of Fame. Shows how much that Celebrity wing means to me I suppose.

Good on Snoop though as it’s on record how much of a big WWE fan he is, and the fact his little cousin could possibly steal the show the next night at WrestleMania is always a bonus too!