Site News: Note On This Week’s WWE Raw Deal & Smackdown Live Reviews

Hey yo. Yes, I am starting this post like a Scott Hall promo from 20 years ago.

I will not be doing live WWE Raw Deal or WWE Smackdown Live reviews this week. The reason is because I’ll be at both shows. What I plan on doing is writing condensed reviews the day after each show that won’t be nearly as long as my usual because I’m three hours away from home and I want to enjoy it a bit instead of sitting a hotel room watching a three hour Raw that I just witnessed in person.

I’ll have quick thoughts on every match and segment as well as star ratings as usual. It just won’t be a 6,000 word Raw review. It may be a third of that. Just letting you know what to expect in case you checked the site to see where the Raw Deal is and why it won’t be live.

Also, I’m sitting row five at Raw tonight and there’s a Reigns/Strowman Last Man Standing match, so if they want to come brawling in my direction that would be great.

Enjoy the shows.