Shelton Benjamin Explains Why Injury Will Delay His WWE Return

In a series of tweets on Sunday morning, Shelton Benjamin explained why he won’t be able to return to WWE in the near future due to torn rotator cuff shoulder surgery. He explained in several tweets that he posted.

He continued: “For now I will have to put pro-wrestling to the side as I prepare to undergo surgery to repair my torn rotator. This comes as a shock to me as I am no stranger to performing while in pain yet I had no idea of the severity of my condition. Thank you for helping me discover this situation & for giving me an opportunity to return. I will be back. For now I must refocus my energy on repairing my body and mind.”

Two weeks ago, WWE advertised Benjamin’s return for the Smackdown brand and even posted a teaser video about it. What likely happened is that they did medical testing on him, found a problem in the shoulder and decided it was best to have surgery. Usual recovery time for something like that is 6-9 months, so perhaps we’ll see him return to WWE early next year. At 41 years of age, it could take him ab it longer to return, but he’s in great shape and is a hard worker, so that timeline could be accurate too.

Good luck to Shelton in his recovery.