Sheamus Comments on Why He Wants to Win WWE Intercontinental Title, Wanting His Old Theme Song Back, More

Former WWE Champion Sheamus recently returned to Smackdown after an eight-month hiatus due to a serious concussion as well as neck issues. Sheamus appeared on WWE’s The Bump today and discussed how he was feeling like he was in a rut before the injury.

“I’ve been in the WWE for a very long time. I have had a successful career. What can be a blessing can also be a curse. The last couple of years with Cesaro was a lot of fun. I had so much fun with The Bar. We had five WWE tag team championships wins. You know, it came to a point where everything we did, the legacy we created, we kind of ran out of rope. We were getting pancakes shoved in our faces and getting hit in the head with turkeys. At Wrestlemania we lost to a 12 year old. The writing was on the wall.

“I got a bad concussion from WrestleMania, and I had to go back to the drawing board and wasn’t sure what the crack was. I had to look at myself in the mirror and wonder when am I going to continue and if I’ll be able to continue… I was determined to come back and be in the best shape of my life.”

One thing that Sheamus wanted for his return that the WWE rejected is to go back to using his old theme music “Written in the Face”. Sheamus talked about it with the show’s hosts and they laughed about how people say “lobster head” and “too many limes” for the lyrics.

“So I actually wanted to have my original music back. I pushed for it, I pushed for it and I was denied. I wanted it. It’s a shameful thing, lobster head…or whatever it is. Too many limes! (laughs). I love it. Everybody loves this music! So I brought this to the powers that be and they basically said they don’t remember it. They said it was outdated.”

Sheamus joked that if you want it back, petition about it and tell the powers that be that you want “too many limes” back.

Sheamus admits that after his injury he wasn’t sure if he would ever return to WWE.

“I went away. I didn’t think I was going to come back. I put myself into my Youtube channel and my training. I kept myself going because you can’t sit on the couch feeling sorry for yourself.”

Now that Sheamus has returned he has made it his goal to win the International Championship becoming a Grand Slam Champion in the process. Sheamus talked about how he has won every title there is to win in WWE except the Intercontinental Title.

“All the cardio, all the training, all the dieting, everything I’ve done up until this point is all for that moment of when I take that title.”

Thank you to WrestlingInc for transcribing some of the interview. Sheamus’ full interview can be seen below.

Matt’s Musings: Good luck to Sheamus on finally becoming a Grand Slam Champion and also being able to use his old music once again.