Seth Rollins Reveals Triple H Once Said “I Don’t See Anything Special In You”

Seth Rollins has done it all in WWE including his run as the first-ever NXT Champion, but he revealed that Triple H didn’t always see him as a big star.

Long before Rollins because a multiple-time WWE Champion, Rollins was a young star with a lot of potential after a successful run as Tyler Black in Ring of Honor. While in NXT in the early 2010s, Rollins worked on becoming a better wrestler with NXT trainer Terry Taylor.

Taylor was known as a successful wrestler himself from his days working in the NWA, WCW and even in WWE as the “Red Rooster” character that just didn’t work very well.

Rollins talked about the early days of his WWE career with Steve Austin on a new episode of Broken Skull Sessions, which is now available on Peacock/WWE Network. Rollins noted that he clashed with Taylor on things and it led to Triple H telling Rollins what he thought of him:

“Terry is very old school in the sense that he thinks a certain way works, and part of that ideology is sort of shunning what is up and coming instead of embracing it. And I was always like, ‘Hey, the business is changing. You’ve gotta go with it. If you go against it, it’s not gonna help.’ I would just challenge him in little ways every day to the point where I was insubordinate, and Hunter [Triple H] took me aside and was like, ‘Look, I don’t see anything special in you.”

Rollins went on to talk about how several months later, he pitched Triple H the idea that he can become the first NXT Champion.

“Three months later, I’m sitting in a room with Hunter and I’m saying, ‘I want that NXT Championship, I wanna be the first one to hold that title. Put it on me and this brand is off and running. If it goes another direction with it, then I don’t know where you’re gonna be in a couple of years.’ And I told him that. I said, ‘I’m the right guy for this. You know that I know that. Let’s bury this hatchet and let’s make this work.”

Rollins would go on to become the first NXT Champion in July 2012 when he defeated Jinder Mahal in the finals of a tournament.

As for Rollins and Triple H, they had a big singles match at WrestleMania 33 in 2017 with Rollins getting the win over his mentor.

h/t Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription