Seth Rollins Comments on The Shield Reuniting and Possible The Shield vs. The Club Feud

Seth Rollins, who is on the cover of the new WWE 2K18 video game, participated in a brief interview with The Sun with a few interesting comments.

Rollins on a possible reunion of The Shield stable with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and himself:

“I’m sure it could happen at some point, you never know. We’re all on our own page and have one goal in mind, like we did before. We’ve all got our individual goals now. It would take something very special to get all three of us back together with a singular goal. That was the focus before, and the reason we came together to begin with, we had a singular goal to make waves. Now we’re on our own, with our own individual goals, so who knows, never say never, but the good thing is I see all of us being around for a long time. There will always be the possibility of us coming back together and slapping on a tac vest.”

Rollins on a rivalry between The Shield and The Club:

“A Club versus Shield rivalry interests me, for sure. Those are guys who have made a lot of success over the years in their own world. I think that would be a fantasy warfare. Those are all good gentlemen, hard working guys. We’d have a blast in the ring, we could make some magic if it ever came down to it.”

TJR Thoughts: I think a reunion of The Shield is inevitable and I’m surprised it hasn’t been teased this year since Ambrose got moved to Raw a few months ago.

As for The Shield vs. The Club, that would be a lot of fun. The Club is really The Bullet Club, but WWE doesn’t have the rights to that name. Last year it was AJ Styles with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson as The Club in WWE although that only lasted for a few months because they did the brand split before the group could really go far. Now that Finn Balor is healthy, we could see Balor as the leader of the Balor Club with Gallows & Anderson by his side like they were in Japan in The Bullet Club stable. It would be easy to do with Balor turning heel and that trio being booked like a formidable group together.