Seth Rollins Comments on WWE After the Bell: Becky Lynch, Negative Wrestling Fans and Kenny Omega

The new WWE podcast After The Bell hosted by Corey Graves premiered today. One of the guest on the podcast was WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. Graves started out by jokingly introducing Rollins by stating that Seth is in a relationship with Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Graves: “I am legally required by WWE standards to let you know that you are in fact in a real-life relationship with the RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.”

Rollins responded jokingly to this by saying: “Yeah, they have to tell you that. They have to make sure that everybody knows that. That’s how that works.”

Graves responded back: “I’m as tired of saying it as you are of hearing it, trust me.”

Rollins then went on to explain why he feels he is all of a sudden hated by the internet wrestling community.

“You know you said ‘internet darling’ and the funny thing is you said it goes back to Tyler Black, but shoot, you could go back six months. You could go back a year ago from Hell In A Cell, you know what I mean. I was everybody’s favorite. Those are the same people who are panning Hell In A Cell and talking about how Seth Rollins is not cool were the same people who were clamoring for me to be the guy to take down Brock Lesnar going into WrestleMania. I don’t know what changed except for the fact that I became the person that they wanted me to be and then they hated me for it. So you know, it’s a very fickle audience. It is what it is.”

“To answer your question directly it feels awful. It is not a good feeling to go out there and put your body on the line — and not just at Hell In A Cell, every single night for the past however many years I’ve been doing it. I go out and compete at an extremely high level and dare I say that I’m one of the very best at my job and I do what I have to do when I have to do it and look, it’s not always pretty, but you go out there and you do your job and you do it well. People don’t like it, and it is what it is, but it hurts your feelings. You’re a human being. You go out there and work hard and it’s fine. You can have your opinion on it, but it’s a tough pill to swallow sometimes.”

Finally, Rollins talked about the controversial comments he made about Kenny Omega being in the “minor leagues.”

“If I just sit there and say: ‘Oh Kenny Omega, what a talent I would love to wrestle him someday – wha wha – that doesn’t make a headline man, that’s boring. That’s boring, then JR’s got nothing to talk about, so god — just let us hate each other, you know? Look — Kenny’s great. Kenny’s never proven himself in WWE. So that’s what I was saying. It is what it is. WWE is the top of the mountain. I’m the guy sitting on the top of the top of the mountain. So if Kenny wants to come and like I said ‘play in the major leagues and get out of the minor leagues’ or whatever. The bottom line is I’d love for Kenny to come to me, because I’m not going to him any time soon.”

Rollins also talked about how he got to wrestle Omega when they had Ring of Honor and they were friends, but that was many years ago.

Thanks to Ringside News for the quotes above.

Seth Rollins will defend his Universal Championship against The “Fiend” Bray Wyatt at WWE Crown Jewel this Thursday at 1PMET from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Matt’s Musings: Rollins’ comments, especially about the internet wrestling community, come off as kind of heelish. We will have to wait and see if this leads to a full-blown heel turn for Rollins, or if he was just being controversial to get more listeners.