Sean Waltman Arrested For Possession of Meth and Marijuana, More; Waltman Comments

It turns out that the reason behind Sean Waltman’s brief disappearance (for those unaware, he went completely dark on social media and was absent for an event in England) is because he was busted for attempting to sneak meth and marijuana through customs at the LAX airport, per TMZ. The WWE legend quickly received bail for the hefty price of $30,000.

In addition to that mess, it was also discovered that he has a warrant for a previous DUI and another warrant for something undisclosed at this time, but apparently very serious.

Sean Waltman insists that the situation is not drug-related, taking to twitter to share the following.

Rob’s Take-Away:

I’m not going to throw around accusations or theories just yet considering that information is still fresh and coming out. However, it doesn’t look good. TMZ can be a flaky source more interested in generating hits and buzz over anything else, but I doubt they are wrong that Sean Waltman was indeed busted for smuggling in meth and marijuana. Whatever the case may be, going forward I hope that there is a happy ending.