Sasha Banks Comments on Recent WWE Matches with Bayley, Growth of Women’s Division, More

It’s been a great year for Sasha Banks on the Smackdown brand as the current Smackdown Women’s Champion. Banks won that title for the first time in her career at Hell in a Cell last month. Earlier this year, Banks was also the Raw Women’s Champion and a Women’s Tag Team Champion as well. Banks beat former best friend Bayley to win the Smackdown Women’s Title and then last week on Smackdown, she beat Bayley again, so that rivalry is likely over…for now.

Banks was interviewed by Digital Spy talking about her career including her rivalry with Bayley while noting she loved the Hell in a Cell match.

“I am extremely happy with the Hell in a Cell match. Bayley is absolutely my favourite opponent of all time and it went just exactly how I wanted. To have that Hell in a Cell with her was incredible. I love that match and I loved the outcome of the match.”

“For for any new fan watching, especially women, I think it’s so cool to see women do it better than the guys. For my match to be so well-received and for fans to say that I had the match of the night… it’s just incredible to be a part of this Women’s Evolution where just non-stop fans talk about the women and how incredible that we do.”

Banks spoke about the long term story with Bayley and how she was motivated by another famous women’s feud from when Banks was growing up.

“Five years of this journey, of this friendship growing and growing, and then Bayley turning on me… it’s been everything that I’ve ever wanted. I got really inspired from Trish Stratus and Mickie James – they had a year-long storyline when I was watching as a teenager. That’s what I wanted growing up, I wanted a year-long storyline where you just were on the ride the whole time. So for us, it’s kind of like a revamp of that.”

Banks also expressed joy about how much time WWE has devoted to their women’s division.

“It’s really cool to see just the investment and time WWE has given to, not only myself and Bayley, but all of the women in WWE. It’s just been non-stop of this incredible momentum of women just taking over the company.”

There’s more in the interview with Digital Spy right here with Banks talking about how wrestling Bayley in the main event of WrestleMania, hoping that WWE does a women’s only PPV again and more.