Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor For The NXT Title On June 8 Will Be A Steel Cage Match (With Video)

NXT Champion Samoa Joe will defend his title against former champion Finn Balor in a Steel Cage match at TakeOver on June 8. This will be the first Steel Cage match in NXT history. The announcement was made live this morning through Facebook by NXT General Manager William Regal just before Joe and Balor’s contract signing at the WWE Performance Center.

The idea to have this match be contended inside a Steel Cage came after Joe and Balor had a brawl at an NXT live event in Portland, Oregon that partially made its way into the crowd. The brawl had to eventually be broken up by the entire NXT locker room. Therefore, as Regal explains, “to ensure the safety of the NXT fans” the match will take place inside a Steel Cage. You can watch the contract signing below.


Mark’s reaction: Having this match inside a Steel Cage was definitely the right move. This will be Joe and Balor’s third NXT Title match at a TakeOver special and fourth NXT Title match in general. All four matches so far have been singles bouts, so it’s time to change things up and add a stipulation to make their match on June 8 feel a little more fresh. Also, since it’s a Steel Cage match and their fifth fight, this will signify the end of their feud. Expect Joe and Balor to give the fans something memorable for the first Steel Cage match in NXT history.

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