Ryback Tweets About TNA During WWE Extreme Rules

Former Intercontinental Champion Ryback is currently not traveling with WWE as he requested to be sent home after a contract dispute. He revealed this in addition to his frustrations with WWE in a lengthy post from his Tumblr account. This was at the beginning of May, so it is likely that WWE will be waiting for Ryback’s contract to expire this summer instead of releasing him early.

Since Ryback knows that he will probably be parting ways with WWE soon (because it’s not like WWE’s going to beg for him to come back), it seems that he could not care less if the tweets he makes are “taboo.” Before last night’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view event, Ryback tweeted the following:

For those who don’t know, this tweet is in reference to leaving WWE to work for TNA Impact Wrestling. The “Ryborg” comment was made because since WWE owns the name Ryback, The Big Guy would have to wrestle by a different name elsewhere.

Mark’s reaction: I don’t think WWE cares what Ryback tweets, so if he is trying to get under their skin I doubt it’s working. WWE’s roster is so full of talent right now that losing Ryback is not as big of a deal as it might have been 5 years ago. It seems like Ryback does not want to stop wrestling, so I can definitely see him winding up at the Impact Zone one day. However, I can’t say I’d be that interested in the move since I hardly watch TNA anymore and I’ve never been a big Ryback fan.

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