Ryback Posts Video Announcing WWE Exit; Plans For His Future

Ryback is officially gone from World Wrestling Entertainment after spending the last few months sitting at home waiting for his contract to run out. He was sent home by WWE back in May due to a contract dispute and now his deal has expired, so he’s a free agent.

Here’s the Instagram video he posted.

Here’s how he started it out: “The Big Guy Ryback would like to wish WWE the best in their future endeavors. From this point forward, myself and WWE will no longer be conducting business together.”

He also spoke about the launch of a new website on Monday, August 8 called that will have merchandise available with a clothing line, a motivational book and nutritional supplements. He also gave out this email address to contact him to appear on wrestling shows because he plans on wrestling a full schedule.

Good luck to Ryback, who will likely use some other name on the indies since WWE probably owns the trademark to that. His real name is Ryan Reeves, so he could go with that.