Rumor: WWE NXT May Be Moving to Tuesdays Starting April 13, Announcement Could Be Soon

There could be a change coming for WWE’s third brand NXT. The Wednesday night show may be moving to a new night: Tuesday. The rumored date that NXT will be changing nights is Tuesday, April 13. That would be two days after the second night of WrestleMania.

The source for this rumor is the MatMen Podcast, which is part of the Wrestling Observer website. You can see their tweet.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer noted there was “smoke to the fire” which is another way of saying it’s certainly possible.

Meltzer also noted that it was a topic of discussion last week.

There haven’t been any updates or other sources reporting on this. I don’t know if we can trust MatMen Podcast, but this has been rumored in the past as well, so if the date is going to be April 13 then we will likely learn about it soon.

In late January, it was reported that NBC Sports was going to be ending and that some of the content on there like NHL games will be moved to USA Network, which is what led to rumors about NXT possibly moving.

TJR Thoughts: There are a number of factors in play here. I think the main thing is that the station that airs NXT is USA Network, which is part of NBC Universal, and if NBC feels like they want to put NHL games on Wednesday nights then that means NXT is going to move. It also means some wrestling fans are going to think that NXT is moving because AEW Dynamite has beaten NXT in television ratings between the two shows since October 2019 when Dynamite started (NXT began a few weeks earlier). Whether there is any truth to that, we don’t know. It’s conceivable to think that if NXT and Dynamite were on separate nights then they would each likely have a bigger audience because then wrestling fans wouldn’t have to choose between them.

I think it’s great for us fans and great for the wrestlers because more people are going to watch the shows. Instead of 800,000 viewers for Dynamite and 650,000 viewers for NXT, we might see each show getting over 1 million viewers, which is awesome for both brands. In the past when the shows aired on nights that weren’t usual, it did lead to changes in the viewership numbers. I think that will become a more permanent thing. I’m really not obsessed with ratings, nor do I even care to report them on this website. I just think NXT and Dynamite being on separate nights is good for the fans.

As for me personally, I’m a huge fan of putting NXT and Dynamite on different nights. Instead of writing one of the reviews on Wednesday night and the other one in the morning the next day, I can just concentrate at one at a time. Most likely I’ll stick with Raw and Smackdown as live reviews while NXT and Dynamite would be next morning reviews.

Anyway, for now it’s just a rumor. If we learn more or there’s an official update then we’ll share that with you when we can.