Rumor: WWE is Thinking About Running a “Queen of the Ring” Tournament in 2019

There have been discussions in WWE about running a Queen of the Ring tournament in 2019. This rumor was mentioned by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Here’s how Meltzer phrased it: “An idea being talked about for 2019 would be a Queen of the Ring tournament with the main roster women. At this point it’s just an idea thrown around but they are looking for ideas for a second all women’s PPV show next year. With how well the first one was received, one would think they’d want to do at least one a year.”

In other words, it’s just a rumor for now. I think Meltzer is a good source and I’ve subscribed to the Wrestling Observer for about 15 years now, but I know some people question it. The reality is that WWE does change their mind a lot. Read a wrestler book or an interview where they tell a story about how something is planned, then it changes. That’s the reality.

This sounds like a plausible idea as something to do with the women’s division. What we don’t know is if it would be at the Evolution PPV in 2019, which might be in October again, or perhaps WWE might be considering doing a second women’s only PPV in the spring. I think they’ll stay with just Evolution, but again, you never know.

This is also a good time to remind you that all year there have been rumors of Women’s Tag Team Titles coming to WWE. This past Monday on Raw, Bayley even mentioned them, so perhaps they are in the plans sooner rather than later. Back in January, I thought WWE would debut them for sure. We’re still waiting.

It’s a rumor and I don’t like posting rumors that often because wrestling fans are bad in terms of thinking every rumor is going to be true because they don’t know what a rumor is. I’m just sharing this one because I think it’s interesting. That’s all.