Rumor: Sasha Banks Unhappy in WWE and May Have Threatened to Quit

The Women’s Tag Team Title reign of Sasha Banks and Bayley ended at WrestleMania this past Sunday when the IIconics duo of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay left with the gold. Apparently, Banks did not react well to it and there are a lot of rumors going on about her in WWE.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer is reporting that Banks tried to quit WWE over the weekend and they claim that came from “one person high up” in the company. Banks felt blindsided when WWE decided to take the Women’s Tag Team Titles off her and Bayley. She thought they would be given a chance to have a significant chance with the titles, but then WWE decided to put the titles on Royce and Key instead.

Banks missed Raw on Monday even though she was scheduled to be there. Apparently, Banks has been given a few weeks to think about things before she makes a rash decision like trying to quit the company. Meltzer noted that this will probably be denied by Banks and others in the company with some people saying she was just unhappy with things right now.

Banks also got some heat with the Wendy Williams Show because she was supposed to be a guest, then she canceled at the last minute. The show’s producers and Williams were upset about it. They told the New York Post: “She won’t be booked again. She didn’t give a real reason for canceling, and she did it only hours before the show tapes, so production was left scrambling to fill her spot. Wendy ended up doing an extra segment of Hot Topics instead.”

According to Fightful, a source said they would be surprised if Banks was granted a release even if she asked for it.

On Monday, Banks posted this long message on Twitter:

As for what Banks is up to after WrestleMania, she’s on vacation with her husband Mikaze (he designs clothes for wrestlers in WWE), Kalisto and his wife in the Dominican Republic. At least she’s able to smile again.