Rumor – Reason Why John Cena Is Taking Time Off From WWE This Fall

People have been wondering for a while now why United States Champion John Cena asked to have some time off from the WWE after Hell In A Cell, this October 25. Wrestling author Scott Keith posted the following email on his site. This should be taken as a rumor until confirmed as true or false.

“A friend in the fitness industry is working on a fitness-themed reality show for FOX. The show is set to air in the spring. He and a few others were told this week that the filming window is set for Oct. 26 to the first or second week of January, and that it will take 6-8 weeks to do everything. They also found out that the host of the show is going to be John Cena. I’m guessing this explains his rumored hiatus after HIAC.”

Cena is provisionally away from all WWE related work until the annual WWE post Christmas live event tour, scheduled December 26. It’s been reported that is not taking time off to heal up injuries, or to marry his girlfriend Nikki Bella.

Ski’s Take – I think this is a possibility. Cena is coming towards the end of his career, and is looking at a possible exit strategy for when his time is done. He has starred in movies, has had a fairly successful music career, and now wants to try his hand at presenting (sounds like a certain other WWE Superstar’s career path, Chris Jericho ring a bell?). The basis of the show, fitness, is something that John Cena holds dear, along with powerlifting so again in my eyes it certainly holds more water than some other rumors that I’ve seen/heard.

As I said above, Cena could be following in the footsteps of a certain Y2J Chris Jericho, and if in fact he is, it’s not a bad career path to follow is it? Jericho has been very successful since becoming a part timer, and maybe John thinks he can get in on the action too. It’s all just conjecture at the moment, but I gather it won’t be too long before we do find out the reason. Any of you guys have a theory? Good, bad or indifferent, let me know in the comments box below.