Rumor: All Elite Wrestling Could Be Airing on TBS or TNT Television This Fall

The television home of All Elite Wrestling is something that wrestling fans have been wondering about ever since AEW was officially announced earlier this year. We know they have Double or Nothing on May 25th, but we don’t know what their TV home is yet. Today, we may have gotten a clue as to where they are headed.

According to @FightOracle on Twitter, who is a media analyst, Warner Media Group is going to present All Elite Wrestling to advertises next month. Warner Media Group runs TBS and TNT now. Here’s what his tweet said.

Wrestling fans know the history of TBS and TNT because of NWA/WCW airing on TBS for decades including the very popular WCW Saturday Night at 6:05pm and then later WCW Thunder in the company’s final days. As for TNT, that’s where WCW aired from September 1995 until the end of WCW in March of 2001.

The rumors of AEW airing on TBS have been out there since the company was announced in January with writing about it and in March, there was another rumor about it.

Recently, Jim Ross, who is going to be an announcer and senior adviser with AEW, said that AEW TV will air on a major cable network and he has said that it will be familiar to wrestling fans. It doesn’t get more familiar than TBS or TNT. Here’s what JR said:

“[AEW] is overwhelming for me. To be 67 years old and be anointed the voice of a brand that’s gonna be debuting in October on national television on a major cable network, which can’t be named now. When people hear what network we’re going on, they’re gonna be doubly excited. It’s a network we can all find.”

Take it as a rumor now. The rumored start date for AEW TV is in October. That’s a rumor too, so just remember there’s nothing official yet until they announce it.

UPDATE: On Wednesday morning, The Wrap noted that TNT could be the likely landing spot for AEW and the rumor is that it would be Tuesday nights. We should know more about this next month.

TJR Thoughts: I think it’s going to be TBS and I think a lot of people already know it. I don’t like running rumors, but sometimes whee there’s smoke there is fire. Once this rumor is out there, people are going run with it and it wouldn’t surprise me if AEW announces something this month before the upfronts to advertisers next month.

I believe there are people that know what channel that AEW will be on and they have known for a while, but they don’t want to say it before the company announces it.