Ronda Rousey Unable To Be A Part Of Wrestlemania 32?

It has been reported by Bryan Alvarez on today’s Wrestling Observer Live that Ronda Rousey most likely won’t be appearing at next year’s Wrestlemania 32, as she has signed on to appear in the remake of the movie Roadhouse. Filming will coincide with WWE’s biggest show of the year that is set to take place on April 3, 2016 in Arlington, Texas.

As previously reported, WWE officials were trying to work out a deal with UFC where Ronda would be in an angle with Stephanie McMahon after the altercation that happened at this year’s Wrestlemania.


Ski’s Take: This could be a major blow for Vince and company. The altercation between Rock/Ronda and HHH/Steph that took place in the middle of the ring at Mania was meant to possibly lead to a singles match a year later between the two women involved, a possible co-main event for what is supposed to be a stellar Wrestlemania in Texas. What with Ronda being a figurehead for the “Divas Revolution“, what does this mean for the movement?

One of the main people that Stephanie herself called an inspiration for the revolution (along with the USA women’s soccer team), unable to give the fans a rare glimpse of what could be inside the squared circle. What do you guys think? Is it as bad as I’m making out or am I over exaggerating? Tell me in the comments below…..