Ronda Rousey Comments on WrestleMania 35 Main Event and Revealed Her Original Plans Were to Leave WWE in November 2018

Ronda Rousey has been the WWE Raw Women’s Champion since SummerSlam in August 2018 and she has racked up victories going all the way to WrestleMania. Her opponents at WrestleMania will be the Royal Rumble winner Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, who was added to the match by Vince McMahon. Earlier today, WWE announced that Rousey vs. Lynch vs. Flair would be the main event of WrestleMania meaning they will be in the last match.

To celebrate the news of the women in the main event, Rousey was interviewed by her website where she opened up about WrestleMania, wanting to have kids of her own soon and how she thought she would have been out of WWE by now.

Here’s Rousey talking about how she only planned to wrestle in WWE for about eight months and move on in November.

“I didn’t think I’d be able to have a full-blown career in the WWE. Me and Trav wanted to start having kids really soon and I wanted to be able to be a full-time stay-at-home mom and I pretty much just put aside a couple of months for me to go wrestle and just have fun and do whatever I did. I didn’t think I’d be able to be a great wrestler and have singles matches within 8 months. I honestly thought I’d only go until November. And I completely just fell in love with the business. And I really love it and I kind of took to it a lot faster than I thought I would. I thought that every match I would have to spend weeks and weeks and weeks of rehearsal, with just like the first WrestleMania and then I had no idea that by that December I was having matches called on the fly with Nattie. You know what I mean? I didn’t know it was going to turn into this.

I’ve just kind of been swept up in the momentum of everything that’s happened since I got here and I don’t really know what the aim is or where we’re going, and then as things went on and as those little victories started piling up, it started to become more and more feasible that women main eventing WrestleMania could happen. I thought, maybe I could be part of it. Maybe I could help make it happen sooner. Maybe I could be one of the gimmicks of the match, that I could help and be part of it and help push the publicity for it or something. I always thought maybe I could help out some day.”

Rousey commented on how the momentum of the women’s division made her believe the women main eventing could happen this year.

“As the year started going on we started seeing, it went from like an abstract dream in the future to almost a certainty, you know? And it was around the time of Survivor Series that Charlotte and Becky’s momentum really reached a fever pitch and finally intersected with mine, and it went from being like, ‘Hey, this could happen someday,’ to ‘This could totally happen this year.’”

Rousey added that she feels she belongs there and she’s happy it’s the three of them in the main event meaning her, Lynch and Flair.

“I feel like I really do belong and I feel like I’m really happy that it’s all three of us. I feel like there should be as many women as part of this moment as possible because it isn’t just one person’s work, it really is a culmination of everyone’s work to get to this point. A lot of these women have been doing a lot of work for the Women’s Evolution inside the wrestling business a lot longer than I have, but I have been doing my own work for the Women’s Evolution outside of wrestling much longer than they have. So everyone’s been working their ass off their whole life—maybe not all in the same place—but I really think that it’s great that we all get to celebrate this milestone together, and it’s something that we’re all sharing and it’s not something that we’re taking away from anybody else that was before us. It’s a torch that’s being passed on and passed on and passed on, and this is our little moment in the spotlight with the torch and I can’t wait to see who carries it next.”

Rousey also shared this story about how she found out about the WrestleMania main event from Paul Heyman while also revealing an April Fool’s joke she had planned.

“I found out (about the WrestleMania main event) from Paul Heyman. And the reason I found out is I sent him this long text, basically saying: ‘Hey, Paul, let’s do an April Fool’s Day joke on April Fool’s Day on RAW, saying that I’m pregnant and that the women are no longer the main event in WrestleMania, because I’m out.’ Then at the end of the show, we can say, “April Fool’s!” Then he called me back immediately, and he said, ‘Yeah, great idea and all, but they’re going to announce to all major outlets and everything that the women are actually going to main event, this Monday. So we can’t do your April Fool’s Day joke. They’re making that official, official.’ I was like, oh, shoot! So yeah, Paul Heyman told me is the short version of the answer. But he told me to explain why I couldn’t do my April Fool’s Day joke and tell everyone I’m pregnant.”

It’s probably a good thing Rousey didn’t make that April Fool’s joke from today. I guess she still could, but since she put it out there, it’s probably not happening now!

Check out the full interview with Rousey on her website now.

TJR Thoughts: As far as Rousey’s future goes, the expectation is she’ll be leaving WWE after WrestleMania because of her desire to have kids, which she mentioned in that interview above. There’s no indication that she plans to stay much longer past WrestleMania although plans can always change. After all, she said it herself that she thought she was going to leave WWE in November 2108, but plans changed and she has continued her career.