Roman Reigns Talks Main Eventing WWE WrestleMania 31

As of late, Roman Reigns has taken a back seat from the main event picture. Although he’s still in the upper-tier of WWE talent and in high profile matches, he’s not in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship race anymore. This slight push down the card is most likely due to the crowd reaction he drew from the fans as he began to get booed quite heavily since his Royal Rumble win back in January. The fans were adamant about not wanting Reigns to be their champion, and the WWE listened. Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on the grandest stage of them all, Reigns kind of got a rematch in a Fatal 4 Way match at Payback, and the rest is pretty much history.

Recently, Reigns attended Wizard World Comic Con in San Jose, California. While there, he participated in a Q & A session where he discussed various topics, one of them being his WrestleMania 31 main event and his overall feelings toward it:

“It’s something I will cherish for the rest of my life. If I never get another opportunity (to main event WrestleMania), deep down in my heart, I know that I did my thing, I represented, and I just hope that everybody sees that.”

He also mentions that, although it wasn’t ideal to lose the match to Rollins, it was an important part of his career and he feels blessed and fortunate to have been a part of it.

To check out some more of Reigns’ answers to questions such as what his dream match would be and his thoughts on the possibility of facing the Rock one day, you can click here.

Mark’s reaction:

It’s nice to read that Roman has positive feelings toward his main event match at WrestleMania. Up until the Money in the Bank cash in that turned the match into a triple threat, his one-on-one match with Lesnar was great. It was really exciting seeing these two guys wail on each other in what looked to be a very stiff match where a lot of hits were definitely landing hard.

I’ve always liked Reigns. Yes, I too felt his push was rushed way too quickly than it ever should have been. However, he won me over even more than he already had in his match with Lesnar. That whole main event stole the show for me and Reigns deserves major props for hanging in the spotlight with Lesnar and being able to hold his own.

I have no doubt in my mind that we’ll see Reigns back in the WWE Championship hunt soon, as he should be. He’s young, talented, hard working, and has the physique WWE loves. I just think we needed a bit more time before the Roman Reigns push was thrown upon us so quickly. I needed to see a little bit more of a slow build up to his main event status and we’re getting that now. I like his current position with Ambrose and Wyatt as it is helping all three of them stay relevant while giving them time to work on traits and skills that might not have hit with everyone initially.

Do you think Reigns will be main eventing WrestleMania 32 next year? Do you see him as a lock for being a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion? If you don’t like Reigns, what is it that you don’t like about him? Keep the conversation going. I’m interested to read your thoughts in comment section below.

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