Roman Reigns Comments on Not Wrestling at WrestleMania, Posts 6-Minute Video on Instagram

Roman Reigns is not going to be wrestling at WrestleMania this year even though he was scheduled to face Goldberg for the Universal Title at WrestleMania this weekend. As we reported last week, Reigns did not actually Goldberg at the WWE Performance at the WrestleMania tapings because of concerns about his health. Reigns isn’t sick from the Coronavirus, but due to Roman’s past from when he had leukemia, he’s immunocompromised and because of that, he asked to removed from WrestleMania.

This afternoon, Reigns posted a video on Instagram that ran over six minutes. Reigns was out for a walk after a workout and he decided to share with the world what was on his mind about missing WrestleMania this year. Here are some of the comments with thanks to Pro Wrestling Sheet for the transcript.

“You already know what’s going on. It’s all over the news – the dirtsheets, whatever you want to call em – that I pulled out of WrestleMania. And it’s funny because for years now, years, people are like, ‘Don’t show up to WrestleMania! We don’t want you in it!’ Ya know what I mean? There’s a nice handful of dudes and haters that didn’t want me there. But the moment I make a choice for me and my family, I’m a “coward.” I’m a “sissy.” A lot of different things that I am now. But you don’t know the whole story.

All you know is what you think. “Oh, well his health” and this and that, but … you don’t know what else is going on in my life. You don’t know if I have newborns. You don’t know if I have family in my household, older family. So yeah, like the old saying, man … go and flip that cover open and read a few pages, get into a few chapters before you really start running your mouth. And just take this time to better yourself, be present and make the most out of this.

Because if we can’t grow in a time like this … I don’t think we have a chance, man. This is the most downtime I’ve ever seen in my life. So I just challenge everybody, and I’m taking the steps right there with you. I’m not perfect. I’m a hater too sometimes, you know what I mean?

But I try to always put it in perspective of why I want something, or why I might be jealous of something, and then I put it in my grind.”

Reigns also delivered a message to the fans.

“For all my fans, I’m sorry I didn’t get to compete this year and put on a show and entertain … but sometimes things are more important and I had to make a choice for me and my family. No matter what, you already know the deal, man. I made the town, you know what I mean? I made it to Orlando. And I had to make a decision for me. But it doesn’t take anything away from what I’ve done and what I’m going to do. I still love this game. I still love pro wrestling, sports entertainment. I love being in the ring. It’s a little weird being in the ring with nobody watching, nobody in the arena, but, man … I’m ready to get back to work. And I’m just taking these times, this little bit of time we have, to build up the outside … and come as close as possible to perfecting the inside.”

You can watch it below or on Instagram.

WWE is currently advertised an in-ring confrontation between Reigns and Goldberg at Smackdown. It has been reported also that Braun Strowman will end up taking Roman’s spot in the match against Goldberg, so we’ll have to see how that plays out later in the week.

TJR Thoughts: I’m proud of Roman for doing the right thing and stepping away from WrestleMania this year. The circumstances are different and it doesn’t even feel like a WrestleMania anyway. His health is more important especially considering he’s got a wife and three kids at home.

As for WWE, they should probably just scrap whatever the Smackdown plan was that they taped and just announce the Goldberg vs. Strowman match at WrestleMania. It’s weird that they went through the last Smackdown still advertising Goldberg vs. Reigns and if they keep doing it for another five days it will be silly.