ROH Top Prospect tournament entrant Curt Stallion discusses early interest in wrestling, training and aspirations for the future

Ring of Honor top prospect tournament entrant, ‘The Lone Star’ Curt Stallion recently took some time out of his busy schedule to participate in an interview with me. In the interview, Stallion opens up about how he became a wrestler and who was integral in his development. He discusses his future, his passion for the sport and his aspirations for the future. Check out excerpts of the interview below and the interview in its entirety here.

On how his early passion for wrestling began:

I ended up watching that day with him at his house, and I was super attention deficit disorder, hardcore, needed all eyes on me at all times at school. I was the class clown, all sorts of stuff. So that these guys were walking through a curtain and had thousands of people staring at them, and they had millions at home watching. They had their own music and their own lighting. A stage to walk down, and they had a ring that they have got to perform in, where they were pretty much beating the piss out of each other. I was infatuated immediately. I wanted that attention. Ever since that point on, it has been a battle of how. All I thought about was, how am I going to do this and how am I going to get there?

Regarding his aspirations for the future:

The UK is one of my big goals for this year. I thought top prospect could help me potentially get that, it could help get my name out there. So hopefully those guys overseas will see me and want to bring me in. My dream is Wrestlemania, but my goal is Japan. To get to my dream, I have to achieve my goal. That’s where I want to be. That’s where I’ve wanted to be since I started training. If I never make it to Wrestlemania, sure that would bum me out, but if I make it to Japan and I was doing well over there I wouldn’t complain one bit.

On those that have helped him along the way:

I lived with ACH for six months, but he wasn’t necessarily in ring guidance. We would be in the car together and he would just tell me what I am doing that is beneficial, and what I am doing that needs to change. I would watch him live as well, to learn what I need to not do and what I need to do, and he would help me out a lot more than he would take credit for, I am sure. Kyle O’Reilly is hands-on in the ring, and he would show up because he lives here in St. Louis, or he would text me at an obscure time like 11 in the morning and be like ‘Hey, do you want to train today?’ I would say ‘Yeah let’s do it.’ His training is definitely hands on.

Thanks for reading this excerpt. Please check out the rest of the the interview in its entirety here.