Ring of Honor’s Rhett Titus discusses his early training, the future of the All Night Express and more

One half of Ring of Honor’s All Night Express, Rhett Titus recently took some time out of his busy schedule to participate in an interview with me. In the interview, Titus opens up about how he became a wrestler and who was integral in his development. He discusses the future of the All Night Express, working with Delirious and his early training under Austin Aries and former WWE World Champion Daniel ‘Bryan Danielson’ Bryan. Check out excerpts of the interview below and the interview in its entirety here.

Regarding Training under Austin Aries & Bryan Danielson:

Austin Aries, we pretty much learned the basics, that sort of thing. He showed me the ropes and all that good stuff. I got to do, you could say, on the job training with Aries when he managed me and Ken(ny King). I got to tag with Aries and work with Aries a lot in six man tags, which was kind of like the second part of my training with him. This is all on the fly. It was all really good things.

As far as Bryan Danielson, his class was the advanced class, so I learned more about holds. He made me think outside the box a little bit more, when it came to pro wrestling. He also disciplined me a little bit more. Aries was more like me, laid back. If you were a minute late it wasn’t a big deal. With Bryan, if you weren’t there by 5:00 on the dot, you were doing extra squats, extra push ups, extra running of the ropes, extra everything. Nine times out of ten, coming straight from work to training, I was usually there at like 5:03, so I was always doing something extra. But it was a good lesson learned.

Regarding the Experience working with Delirious:

He was the active trainer at the ROH dojo at the time, and I was still attending there as well. It was very good. It was actually a fluke how it all happened. At the time, Gabe Sapolsky didn’t really seem very high on me. But something happened where Adam Pearce had missed a flight, so I got thrown in there with Silas Young and we had an awesome match. Afterwards, Gabe told me he was happy with the match, and then as it usually happens in wrestling, where someone can’t do something, Human Tornado tore his ACL and he wasn’t going to be able to do the angle with Delirious and Daizee Haze. That’s where I came along. It was cool because I always got to work on stuff at the school with Delirious and Daizee, and we got to do a lot of fun promos and vignettes. It was a blast because it was my first big angle, and the first time where I was getting used. Nowadays I still go up to the ROH dojo with Delirious and learn from him, pick his brain a little bit. In his new role, he has a whole lot more responsibility, but it’s cool to just go and listen in and figure out why he does certain things, and where he goes with certain things. It’s all part of the process of learning.

To read the the complete interview click here.

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