Ring of Honor’s Caprice Coleman discusses Cedric Alexander, competing for the WWE and religion in wrestling

Ring of Honor’s Caprice Coleman recently took some time out of his busy schedule to participate in an interview with me. Coleman’s career has seen him compete with the WWE, after starting out with OMEGA. His growth as a performer in the ring has been remarkable. To check out excerpts of the interview read below. To read the interview in its entirety click here

Discussing his time with OMEGA:

A lot of confidence. I really enjoyed my experience with them. They are actually the ones who brought me into wrestling. It was them who taught me all I knew; I really didn’t understand who I was training with until later, because in my head I just wanted to wrestle. I just wanted to train to wrestle. I didn’t really realize that I was with one of the most elite groups in the business. So that was a big plus for me, and if I had to do it all over again I would. I would have just done some things differently as far as risks that I have taken, I would have taken them a lot earlier.

On his time competing for the WWE:

I’ve competed with the WWE a number of times in my career, opportunities that I had when I was younger. When I started training in wrestling, I already had a full time job and I was already going to school, so those were my priorities. With Jeff (Hardy) and Shannon (Moore) and all the rest of the guys, their only priority was only wrestling. So a lot of decisions that they made went straight to wrestling. I didn’t do that because I had bills to pay; if I had it to do all over again I might have moved back in with my parents and gone all out with wrestling. But I wasn’t brought up that way.

In the beginning with wrestling I was looking at it as something cool to do, and maybe I make it to the WWE one day, but I didn’t put everything into it like I should have when I was single. It just caught up with me. All the other guys did was wrestling, they didn’t have the responsibility. They had the side jobs and all, but they would still live with their parents so they didn’t have any true responsibilities like I did. So looking back, my priorities were in the wrong place at the time, but in actuality they were in the right place. Up and coming wrestlers, I would say to take the risks while you are young to make it pay off for you, because the older you get the more responsibilities you get, and it’s hard to just go all out pro wrestling, and that’s what you need to make it in this sport.

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