Ring Of Honor COO Joe Koff Open To Airing Classic ROH Shows On WWE Network

Joe Koff, Ring of Honor COO, was today’s guest on WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross’ The Ross Report podcast. He was there promoting Ring of Honor’s upcoming pay-per-view event, Global Wars which will air May 8. During the Q&A portion of The Ross Report, where JR takes Twitter questions, Koff was asked about a potential working relationship with World Wrestling Entertainment. The following are excerpts from that point in the conversation.

Do you have any plans, short or long term, to have a relationship with WWE since they seem to use Ring of Honor for many of their talent acquisitions?

“I have always been very open to any conversation with any kind of promoter or any kind of idea. Would I like to have a relationship with WWE? Who wouldn’t? I mean, really? At the end of the day if they think that we’re strong enough to be considered in part of their plan or whatever, I certainly would be open to it. I’m not sure if that would work and I’m not sure that’s something that they’re open to.”

Could classic Ring of Honor shows air on the WWE Network?

“That would be up to them. They have tons of need for content and if they would be interested in talking to us about our archival, I’d certainly… I mean, again, I’m in business.”

If you’d like to listen to this episode of The Ross Report in its entirety, you can click right here.

Mark’s reaction: The part of Koff’s comments that got me most excited was when he talked about being open to working out a relationship with WWE where classic Ring of Honor shows or matches would air on the WWE Network. ROH has so many gems in their archive (especially of current/past WWE and NXT wrestlers) that would be great to go back and watch, or to even expose to a larger audience. For instance, getting to see the feud between El Generico (Sami Zayn) and Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens) from their ROH days would be awesome as well as a reference point for WWE to show just how far the war between these two goes. WWE of course doesn’t need to do this. They did a pretty excellent job of explaining Owens & Zayn’s beef during that great video package on this week’s Raw. It would just be cool for many wrestling fans to see.

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