Report: Zack Sabre Jr. May Not Sign With WWE

WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor Zack Sabre Jr. will reportedly not be signing with WWE. This is according to the latest edition of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Meltzer notes that Sabre has mentioned that there are still things outside of WWE that he wants to achieve. Those who Sabre work with have also been told that Sabre’s made this decision.

It is likely that the winner of the Cruiserweight Classic will be someone under contract with WWE, so this news could mean that Sabre will not be winning this year’s tournament. The Wrestling Observer notes that Kota Ibushi is claiming that he has not signed with WWE yet, but that’s a lot different that saying you are not signing with WWE, like Sabre is doing. It’s expected that Ibushi is to sign with WWE, which means his shot of winning the Cruiserweight Classic over Sabre (if they cross paths in the finals) is very possible.

Lastly, Meltzer notes he was told that although Sabre will not be signing, it does not mean that WWE won’t use him from time to time.

Mark’s reaction: This is upsetting to me as I enjoy watching Zack Sabre Jr. in the CWC and was hoping he would either be in NXT or in the cruiserweight division on Raw. This would have been the perfect time to come to WWE as I think Sabre will have a strong showing in the CWC. I think that it’ll be either him or Tozawa who make it to the finals on Sabre’s side of the CWC bracket.

The good news is that Sabre is still only 29 years old and it sounds like the CWC will be an annual thing, so he can return next year, maybe win the whole thing and then sign with WWE.

Although it seems crazy that Sabre would choose the independent scene over a contract with WWE, a lot of independent stars work less dates with less expenses and make more money doing so (not more money than the big WWE stars, but more than what the wrestlers in NXT are making and maybe some mid-card main roster wrestlers).

Sabre is currently scheduled to wrestle English wrestling sensation Will Ospreay on August 14 for Progress Wrestling.

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