Report: WWE Plans To Resume Neville/Chris Jericho Feud Upon Neville’s Return

WWE Superstar Neville has been out of action with an ankle injury since March 14’s edition of Monday Night Raw. During that episode, Neville was competing in a match with Chris Jericho. Neville went for a routine baseball slide under Jericho’s legs and caught his ankle in an awkward position on the slide through, causing the injury.

On June 15, PWInsider reported that Neville would be making his WWE television return within the next month. The report mentioned that WWE was hopeful to get him back sooner, but that he would ready no later than mid-July. Well, we are quickly approaching mid-July which means Neville should be back anytime now.

The most recent news on Neville is that he will be resuming his feud with Chris Jericho upon returning. This is according to WWE reportedly had plans for Neville and Jericho to work several matches together, but Neville’s injury clearly but a stop to those plans.

Neville and Jericho are also currently advertised to be having matches with one another during WWE’s upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand.

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