Report: WWE NXT Women’s Championship Name Change, No Longer Called “Women’s” Title

The WWE NXT Women’s Championship will be getting a name change from here on out. according to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson. The title will be now known as the NXT Championship, losing the gender-specific designation.

This week on WWE Backstage, Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch pushed to lose the differentiation between Men’s and Women’s wrestling and just refer to all performers as wrestlers.

As of right now, this change is only affecting the NXT Women’s Title held by Rhea Ripley, with it being unknown at this time if the Raw and Smackdown titles will be changed as well.

It’s not known how WWE is going to differentiate announcing the NXT Championship held by Adam Cole and NXT Championship held by Rhea Ripley, but apparently this is the plan.

If you go to the Superstars page, it still says NXT Women’s Champion on the Rhea Ripley image on the page.

In the writeup of the Rhea Ripley segment on NXT last night, they did not put “NXT Women’s Champion” for her. Here’s a snippet of that.

Days before her chance to knock off NXT Champion Rhea Ripley, Toni Storm looked to add another feather to her cap with a victory against Io Shirai. Storm claimed the win, but not in the manner she wanted, as it came through a disqualification after Bianca Belair attacked her. The actions of Belair — who won last week’s Battle Royal to become next in line for a championship opportunity — didn’t sit well with The Evil Genius of the Sky, who made that clear by retaliating.

It appears the change has happened.

Matt’s Musings: I consider myself to be a pretty progressive person and a proponent for women’s rights, and applauded WWE when they finally got rid of the Divas Division. However, unless WWE is going to completely mix their men’s and women’s division and allow inter-gender wrestling, this move makes little sense.