Report: WWE NXT May Be Moving to Bigger Arenas in 2020

World Wrestling Entertainment has began reaching out to several larger arenas to inquire about taping NXT on Wednesday nights for the USA Network. That’s according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The goal is reportedly to begin taping in these arenas, which all seat around 5000 people, in January of 2020.

Full Sail University, where NXT currently tapes, only has a capacity of around 400 people. This is a large juxtaposition from their competition AEW, who is already running much larger arenas. This has led to the speculation that Vince McMahon is concerned that AEW is feeling like the bigger of the two shows. AEW defeating NXT in the first two weeks of the “Wednesday Night Wars” may be helping to fuel these fears as well.

NXT airs every Wednesday night at 8PM ET on the USA Network.

Matt’s Musings: Full Sail has been the home of NXT since the very beginning. The crowd that goes to the tapings there are always loud and engaged in the show. Moving to a larger venue will make the show have a “larger” feel, but it will come at the risk of losing the energy that the small Full Sail crowd brings every week.