Report: WWE Interested in LaVar Ball Appearance on Monday’s Raw in Los Angeles

LaVar Ball, the father of Los Angeles Lakers #2 overall draft pick Lonzo Ball, may be making an appearance on Monday’s edition of WWE Raw in Los Angeles according to a report form ProWrestlingSheet.

The report from PWS notes that WWE has had talks with LaVar and things are “looking good” although plans can always change. I assume that if it’s official then WWE will announce it on Monday because it will garner mainstream press in the sports world.

There’s no word on if Lonzo Ball will be part of the appearance as well, but it’s possible since he just got drafted by the Lakers a few days ago and his appearance would lead to a big ovation from the LA fans since Lonzo also played college basketball at UCLA in Los Angeles.

Who is LaVar Ball?

He has gained fame because of his son Lonzo and he has two more sons that he claims will be in the NBA. He has appeared on numerous television shows where he comes across like a wrestling character. He speaks loudly, he speaks with conviction and sometimes he says stupid things. A lot of people don’t like him because he comes across as an overbearing father that needs to step back and not take the spotlight from his sons.

What would LaVar do if he were to appear on Raw?

I think some kind of segment with Titus O’Neil would make sense. LaVar has been promoting his Big Baller Brand for many months now and Titus O’Neil’s “Titus Brand” gimmick is a knock off of that. There are some phrases that O’Neil uses in his promos that come from LaVar interviews, so having them interact would be a good idea.

Speaking of that Big Baller Brand, here’s a clip of LaVar announcing his son’s shoes going for $495, which is very high and is getting mocked in the sports world.

TJR Thoughts: It could be very entertaining because he’s got the kind of over the top personality that fits in WWE, but it could also be a train wreck too because he comes off as crazy at times. Then again, crazy fits in well with what WWE tries to do sometimes. I’m mildly interested.

Speaking of LaVar being crazy, here is another clip of him being crazy.