Report: WWE Has Interest in Signing Killer Kross

It was reported earlier this week that former Impact Wrestling superstar Killer Kross was a free agent. Today, it is being reported by @Wrestlevotes that there is a significant interest in WWE signing Kross.

The part about WWE pursuing him harder than other free agents suggests it is likely a very good offer. We all know WWE has a lot of money thanks to their TV contracts that started this year, so if they want somebody like Kross then they are willing to pay for him.

Kross has a great look and a lot of potential. It’s not a surprise that WWE would have an interest in him.

Two days ago, Kross posted this video teasing appearances in multiple wrestling promotions.

Kross is also dating Scarlett Bordeaux, who signed with WWE earlier this year and when there was a post on about it, Kross replied with this.

They would certainly make for an interesting on-screen couple whether in NXT or on Raw or Smackdown.

Kross has appearances for indy companies coming up in the later this month and in the new year including February 1 for MLW. Obviously, there are a lot of options for the 34-year-old Kross right now.

TJR Thoughts: I think Kross has a lot of potential and it wouldn’t shock me if WWE signed him to the NXT brand along with Scarlett. That way they can help him work on things he needs to improve on and then he can be a Raw/Smackdown guy if they feel that’s the best fit for him.

I’ve met Kross before. It was in Dallas during WrestleMania 32 weekend in 2016 and it was at the hotel bar at the Wrestlecon event. We chatted for a few minutes. I even watched some highlights of his matches on Youtube. I remember saying he had a great look back then and it has only improved as he has had more experience competing in the ring. When we talked it was before he was set to start with Lucha Underground, which led to Impact Wrestling and other companies. Cross has only been wrestling for about five years, but he has improved so much and he’s got the kind of look that’s going to make people interested in watching him in the ring. Plus, he’s very athletic. I think he’s got a very bright future.