Report: WWE Has Fired Senior VP of Talent Relations Mark Carrano, Plus Other Changes in WWE Management

There’s been a big shakeup in the WWE Talent Relations department of late. It was about one month ago when WWE announced that John Laurinaitis was going to be in charge of WWE’s Talent Relations with the official job title of General Manager, Talent. This evening, a long-time member of the talent relations team is gone.

Mark Carrano has been fired by WWE according to WrestlingInc. It has been confirmed by the Wrestling Observer as well. Carrano was the Senior Director of Talent Relations for a long time. Apparently, part of the reason why he is fired is because of another story we posted about this evening with Mickie James posting a video of a garbage bag that was delivered to her house from WWE. Mickie was not happy about it, and then shortly after we saw Twitter statements from Laurinaitis, Paul Levesque (Triple H), and Stephanie McMahon commenting that the person responsible has been fired. We don’t know for sure at this point if they were referring to Carrano, but it’s certainly possible. That doesn’t mean that Carrano physically put Mickie’s stuff in the garbage bag and mailed it

Carrano has been with WWE since 1998, according to PWInsider. If you are a regular viewer of the WWE produced Total Divas show over the last decade then you would have seen Carrano on there many times. Basically, Carrano was well known by everybody within WWE and was responsible for talent management with Laurinaitis as his boss. Now Carrano is gone.

Nicole Zeoli, the WWE Director of Talent Relations, is no longer a part of WWE according to PWinsider. Zeoli worked for WWE for 11 years and was promoted to Direct of Talent Relations in 2018. There was no reason given for why she is gone.

There was a report that WWE referee John Cone is no longer working in Talent Relations but then WWE changed their mind and Cone will remain a Senior Manager in WWE Talent Relations. Cone will remain with WWE as a referee.

It has also been reported by Fightful that Joe Villa no longer works for WWE. PWInsider noted that he was gone. Villa was the Manager of Publicity and Corporate Communications and he was in that role for about eight years and over 20 years with WWE all together. He was one of WWE’s main people in public relations.

Another report from PWInsider said that a lot of the changes are because WWE President Nick Khan is wanting to restructure some things in the company. Obviously, WWE Chairman/CEO Vince McMahon trusts him to make the right decisions.

That’s all for now. I’ll update this post with any further updates.

TJR Thoughts: It’s not known why WWE is making all of these changes right now, but since Laurinaitis took over, he could be wanting to shake things up. The company also hired Nick Khan as WWE President and he’s got a lot of power right now too. It could be the influence of a lot of people. I don’t know right now.

You can see Carrano in action on Total Divas below.