Report: WWE Has Canceled June 16 Backlash PPV in San Diego, Next Saudi Arabia Event Scheduled for June 7 May Be Reason Why

There was going to be a June 16 WWE pay-per-view named Backlash in San Diego at the Pechanga Arena, but it’s not going to happen now.

According to, WWE canceled the event due to the company rescheduling their next Saudi Arabia event, which will now take place on Friday, June 7. That event was originally scheduled in early May, but is now being planned for June 7th. The feeling from WWE’s perspective was that they didn’t want to do two PPV events within nine days of eachother.

That makes sense although it is bad for the women’s division that will likely be unable to wrestle at WWE’s next Saudi Arabia show since they were not allowed to wrestle at the two WWE Saudi Arabia shows last year.

As SoCalUncensored posted in their report, Backlash was on the Pechanga Arena schedule. It’s not there now.

The SoCalUncensored report also notes that WWE running a PPV called Backlash so soon after a Saudi Arabia show may not be seen as a good idea. I don’t know if a name of a show that WWE has used going back 20 years really makes a difference, though. If people are mad about WWE doing the Saudi Arabia show then they are right to feel that way, but being mad about the word “Backlash” as if it is offensive seems silly considering the history of that name in WWE.

The Backlash PPV in San Diego would have been their first WWE PPV since One Night Stand in 2008. The San Diego fans will have to wait even longer now. Tickets for Backlash were never put on sale for the San Diego area.

Why does WWE run the Saudi Arabia show? Because last year they received about $75 million for Greatest Royal Rumble and Crown Jewel. They are huge moneymakers for the company and they are not going away whether people like it or not.