Report: WWE Draft Reportedly Will Take Place One Week After SummerSlam

The annual WWE Draft has taken place in October over the last two years, but that might change this year.

It is being reported by Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast that the current plan for the WWE Draft is for it to take place one week after SummerSlam.

The August 30 date is on a Monday for Raw and then the September 3 date is on a Friday for Smackdown. This has not been confirmed by WWE, but Zarian has got a lot of things right recently including WWE running SummerSlam in Las Vegas among other things.

The reason that WWE held the Draft in October the last two years is that Smackdown moved to Fox in October 2019, so WWE wanted to give both brands a fresh start. They held it in October last year as well. This year it seems like they are moving things up a bit.

TJR Thoughts: I like it. Freshen things up a bit. Move around some key players on both shows, maybe mix in some NXT superstars and see where things go from there.