Report: The Dudley Boyz Farewell On WWE Raw Was Legitimate

The angle that took place on Monday’s Raw with the Dudley Boyz was legitimate according to a report from PWInsider. They have parted ways with WWE following their goodbye speeches. Where it gets confusing is that they were interrupted by the Shining Stars, who they dispatched easily, and then they were attacked by Gallows & Anderson. It left Bubba Ray Dudley on the floor after a Magic Killer double team move while D-Von Dudley was put through a table after a Magic Killer.

Where it gets confusing is that a few weeks ago, PWInsider reported that the Dudleys had re-signed with WWE for another year. However, in their updated report last night, Mike Johnson of PWInsider noted that “while that was correct, the new deals had not yet been officially executed and at some point over the last seven days, WWE and the Dudleys amicably agreed to part ways and that the team would finish out on Raw.”

It’s also confusing because they had teased an angle to split the team after they had made storyline mistakes in matches a few times, but that angle was apparently dropped as well. During last night’s segment, I kept thinking that Bubba was going to attack D-Von and Bubba would have a heel singles run. Nope. It didn’t happen.

After the segment on Raw was over, the Raw locker room was there to greet them including the McMahons. They received a standing ovation and probably a lot of hugs too.

As for their future, the Dudleys are considered free agents. They’ll likely work independent wrestling shows around the world while continuing to run their Team 3D Wrestling Academy in the Orlando area as well.

With the way things ended on Raw, it wouldn’t surprise me if they are brought back at some point to get revenge on Gallows & Anderson because it was an odd way for them to say goodbye. Then again, it shows they are willing to going out on their backs by putting over a current WWE team instead of simply walking away without putting people over.

I’m sure that at some point in the near future, as long as they don’t go to TNA Wrestling again, the Dudleys will probably get inducted in WWE’s Hall of Fame within the next few years as well.