Report: Several WWE Smackdown Superstars Expected to Be on Raw Tonight

Brand extension. What brand extension? Superstar Shake-up. What Superstar Shake-up? Apparently that’s the new mindset of WWE management these days because with TV ratings for Raw and Smackdown last week hitting near all-time lows last week, apparently the idea to improve the viewership numbers is to put Smackdown stars on Raw.

We already know that Smackdown’s Roman Reigns will be there based on these tweets he did with the WWE Twitter account over the weekend.

If you check out right now, four hours before Raw, they have nothing specifically advertised for the show. It’s just a bunch of random questions about certain individuals on Raw without going into specifics about matches or segments.

This afternoon, we also found out from the reliable @WrestleVotes Twitter account that some Smackdown stars are expected on Raw tonight including Daniel Bryan.

Normally on Mondays, Smackdown has a live event that takes place while Raw is live. However, WWE recently canceled tonight’s live event that was going to take place in Corbin, Kentucky, so that means the Smackdown roster is available to be at Raw tonight.

What we don’t know right now is why the Smackdown superstars will be on Raw, who exactly will be there and if this will be part of some big angle or perhaps it’s just a one-time thing.

It could also have lasting effects on the brand extension because it’s not working as well as WWE would like.

After Raw and Smackdown this week, the WWE superstars are headed to European for the annual spring European tour that lasts nearly two weeks. Some of the show have pre-Superstar Shake-up lineups. Next week’s Raw and Smackdown shows will be in London, England.

I don’t really have any predictions. I just know I’ll be here on tonight for a live WWE Raw Deal review to cover everything that happens during Raw tonight.