Report: Roman Reigns Recently Signed New Multi-Year Contract with WWE

Roman Reigns is staying exactly where he is as a WWE superstar. Reigns, who made his triumphant return from battling leukemia earlier this year, has reportedly signed a new multi-year contract to remain in WWE according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

The report from Pro Wrestling Sheet notes that Reigns signed the new contract last month and it says the deal will keep Reigns in WWE “at least a few more years.” That probably means three or four years although that’s not known right now. We also don’t know how much money the contract is for, but a lot of WWE superstars have been getting raises this year due to WWE bringing in more money thanks to their new TV deals with FOX and USA Network. Reigns is likely one of the highest paid superstars in the company.

Reigns is 34 years old, debuted on the WWE main roster in November 2012 as part of The Shield, is a four-time World Champion in WWE (3 WWE, 1 Universal) and was in the main event of WrestleMania four years in a row.

Reigns also appears in the very successful “Hobbs & Shaw” film with his cousin The Rock. Reigns doesn’t have a speaking part in the movie, but he was clearly visible in it and had a few cool moments. Perhaps he will have a bigger role in the sequel since he plays Rock’s brother in the movie.

Reigns recently won the first-ever ESPY award for WWE and he’s on the cover of the WWE 2k20 video game along with Becky Lynch. Reigns did not have a match at SummerSlam even though he’s healthy, but he is part of a mystery angle on the Smackdown brand since he has been the victim of some mystery attacks. We’ll see how that plays out in the months ahead.

TJR Thoughts: This news isn’t surprising at all. Reigns is still in the prime of his wrestling career at 34 years old. He’s married with three kids (a daughter and twin sons), so he will continue to work hard to provide for them. When he gets into his late 30s and early 40s, perhaps he’ll become a part-timer in WWE like some other wrestlers at that point in his life, but I think for the next three or four years we should continue to see Reigns featured as one of WWE’s top guys.

Congrats to Roman on the new deal.