Report: Roman Reigns Originally Planned to Defeat Seth Rollins at WWE Survivor Series

The news of Seth Rollins’ torn ACL, MCL and meniscus devastated many wrestling fans because it meant that Seth Rollins will be out for 6-9 months. He also has to to vacate the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Rollins had a lengthy run as WWE Champion. He held the belt since WrestleMania 31 (March 29, 2015) and was scheduled to defend his title in a little over two weeks at WWE Survivor Series against the current number one contender, Roman Reigns.

Due to Rollins’ unexpected injury, WWE officials and creative team will be re-writing most of their storyline plans over the next few days; plans that were already being put in place for WrestleMania 32. Although Rollins’ injury seems to have changed a lot of the WWE’s future plans, it apparently didn’t affect the length of Rollins’ championship reign as much as we may have thought.

PWInsider Elite is reporting that Rollins’ feud with Reigns was going to not only be the main event of Survivor Series, but of WWE’s TLC pay-per-view in December as well, with Rollins dropping the belt to Reigns at one of those two PPV’s. Odds are that Reigns would have most likely won the title at Survivor Series and the rematch would have taken place at TLC. The original plan was to have Reigns head into the new year of 2016 as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. There is no news yet as to whether Rollins’ injury has changed these plans of Reigns entering 2016 as WWE Champion. In place of the Rollins vs. Reigns main event, Survivor Series will now host a tournament in which the winner will be crowned the new WWE Champion. Word has been that this will be an eight man tournament but WWE has not yet confirmed the number of participants.

Survivor Series is airing on PPV and the WWE Network on November 22, and will take place at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

Update on Rollins’ status: Rollins is scheduled to fly back home to Iowa within the next day or two. It seems that his surgery has yet to be scheduled. However, the surgery is expected to happen as soon as possible. We at TJRWrestling wish Seth Rollins a safe and speedy recovery.

Mark’s reaction:

Reigns winning the WWE Championship from Rollins at Survivor Series is news that interested me because although I was kind of expecting Reigns to beat Rollins for the title, you never quite know for sure. Reigns winning the WWE Championship someday is inevitable. However, I’m torn as to whether I want to see him win it at Survivor Series in a few weeks or not.

On the one hand, this tournament for the vacant WWE Championship gives the WWE a nice opportunity to surprise us and put the championship on someone we wouldn’t expect (Cesaro?). However, on the other hand, if he wins the title at Survivor Series he could hold it until WrestleMania 32 where he defends it against a heel Dean Ambrose in the main event. That’s just my guess, but since we’re not going to get the Shield triple threat main event for the WWE championship at WrestleMania, Reigns vs. a heel Ambrose seems like the next best thing in that it’s 1.) something I would like to see and 2.) something I think the WWE wouldn’t be opposed to doing. Ideally, I’d love to see a Cesaro vs. Lesnar main event at WM32 for the WWE Championship, but it’s never going to happen (fingers crossed).

Who walks out of Survivor Series as WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Since Rollins’ injury, a lot of people’s predictions when it comes to Royal Rumble winners and WrestleMania main events have also changed. I’d love to hear some of your guys’ predictions. Keep the conversation going by leaving your thoughts in the comment section below.

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