Report: Randy Orton Will Not Compete At Tonight’s WWE Backlash

Randy Orton was supposed to be facing off against Bray Wyatt during tonight’s WWE Network special, Backlash. However, a credible source from ProWrestlingSheet is reporting that Orton is unable to compete tonight due to an undisclosed injury.

The story was later confirmed by PWInsider with a note that it may be a concussion stemming back to Orton’s match against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

As of 5pmET, there’s no word yet on WWE might do about the situation.

Mark’s reaction: WWE has not yet confirmed this news. Orton was reportedly suppose to be cleared to compete for tonight, but was not. I’m expecting WWE to do something where Orton gets jumped backstage or something fishy happens that keeps Orton from competing. If true, this is a big letdown for tonight’s first Smackdown-exclusive WWE Network special since the brand-extension this past July.

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