Report On Why WWE Isn’t Using Tyler Breeze More

It appears that Vince McMahon isn’t the only person with backstage influence that has soured on pushing Tyler Breeze in WWE. is reporting that at a recent WWE television taping, Breeze left early for an undisclosed reason.

As noted in last week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon has given up on Breeze. Triple H wanted to protect him when he got called up and saw him as a future top heel in the company, however Vince is not convinced.

After several people found out about Breeze leaving the taping early, the general consensus was that it was a disrespectful move, especially as he was just called up from NXT to the main roster.


Ski’s Take – Rumors have been rampant for a few weeks now about why Breeze’s push was stalled then completely stopped. Was it that Vince didn’t see him as money? Did he ruffle a few feathers backstage?…..To be honest I didn’t see either of them as a possible reason. Vince likely knows that Tyler is a good heel, and being new on the main roster I’m sure a little slack was given in the call up to the main roster. But with this news coming out, this makes sense.

Anyone in a new job or position would keep their head down and be as quiet and respectful as possible. Watch and learn from your peers, not make any bad decisions.

If this news is true, then Tyler has made a very bad decision. Leaving a taping early without a valid reason is definitely a bad decision. Admittedly it has been reported that the reason he left early is undisclosed, but for management to be down on Breeze this much and in such a short amount of time, the reason doesn’t sound warranted.

Remember when Breeze getting called up to the main roster was treated as a big deal on Breaking Ground? It doesn’t seem so big now.