Report: The New Day Returns to WWE TV This Tuesday on SmackDown Live

The New Day, the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history, will reportedly be returning to WWE television tomorrow night on Smackdown Live. This is according to

This will be Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Wood’s first appearance on WWE television together since The Revival “injured” Kingston’s leg on Raw back in early April. This was done to write The New Day off television for a while because Kingston was legitimately suffering from an ankle injury at that time. However, Kingston is now medically cleared to compete.

During the Superstar Shakeup, it was announced that The New Day would be moving to Smackdown. Their expected return tomorrow will technically be The New Day’s Smackdown Live debut. Also, PWInsider notes that the timing of The New Day’s return is to help promote a new WWE Network special that focuses on the team hosting WrestleMania 33.

Kingston posted a cool recovery video on Instagram last week that you can watch below.

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