Report: Mauro Ranallo Not Expected To Return To WWE

Mauro Ranallo, who has enjoyed a well-received run as a commentator for SmackDown Live and 205 Live, is rumored to be done with WWE according to CBS Sports‘ Brian Campbell.

A source close to CBS says that Mauro Ranallo likely won’t be returning to his duties and that WWE will simply let his contract expire, which it does on August 12th, 2017. He has also removed all references to WWE from his social media, but will be continuing work for Showtime Championship Boxing.

Nicknaming himself “The Bipolar Rock and Roller”, Mauro has suffered from severe depression dating all the way back to his teenage years, which is rumored (but incredibly likely at this point) to have been triggered by bullying from announcer John Bradshaw Layfield, who is notorious for such a thing.

Mauro even seems to have vaguely acknowledged this by tweeting out the following, in what seems to be a response to recent criticism being leveled at JBL:

Here are some other recent tweets from Ranallo, who went silent on Twitter for a few weeks:

Rob’s Hot-Take:

I wish Mauro Ranallo happiness and success doing whatever he pursues and enjoys. It’s a shame this had to happen, but mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar are very serious disorders and should not be taken lightly. I say that as someone that has been friends and is still close to people suffering from the same thing. As for JBL, if he did do it, he should feel horrible and will hopefully change his well-documented ways.

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