Report: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Expected to Remain in WWE With New Long Term Contracts

It’s been rumored for a few weeks now and today there is some more info. According to PWInsider, the WWE tag team of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are expected to re-sign with WWE on new long term contracts. Their deals were set to expire in a few months with rumors that they might head to another wrestling company like All Elite Wrestling or perhaps back to New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The PWInsider report from Mike Johnson notes that they may have agreed to the deals, but not signed them yet. There were previous reports that turned down five-year deals from WWE earlier this year, so they have changed their mind. The main reason for not re-signing earlier in the year was because of creative frustrations because they were barely on television. That has changed in the last few weeks and especially last night.

As we saw on Raw this week, Gallows and Anderson are back to being “The Club” group with their close friend AJ Styles, who turned heel on Ricochet, so that’s likely a reason why Gallows and Anderson are staying in WWE. Styles re-signed with WWE earlier this year as well.

After Raw, the three men sent out these tweets about being together again.

The length of the new deals that Gallows and Anderson have agreed to aren’t known, but other wrestlers that have signed new deals recently (Jinder Mahal, Mojo Rawley, Mike and Maria Kanellis) have signed five-year deals, so it could be that long too. That’s because WWE wants to lock up their superstars long term even if they don’t use some of them that much.

Anderson is 39 years old and is married (to a “Hot Asian Wife” as he likes to remind us) with four sons. I’m sure that having a steady paycheck coming every week for the next five years is going to be awesome for him.

Gallows is 35 years old, has a long history in WWE dating back to the mid-2000s when he was fake Kane, then the comedy Festus gimmick and eventually Gallows. He’s not married and he has one son I believe.

TJR Thoughts: I’m happy for Gallows and Anderson. They’re a good team that works very well together, they’ve got a badass look as a duo, they have credibility and they obviously work well with Styles. It will be interesting to see if Finn Balor gets involved with them due to their history. Balor is on Smackdown unlike these three on Raw, but it’s not like WWE’s brand extension really matters anymore.

Best of luck to Luke and Karl in the future.