Report: Kurt Angle Not Coming Back To WWE According To WWE Officials

Former WWE Champion Kurt Angle was recently a guest on Mark Madden’s talk-show on 105.9 The X. During the interview, as we reported here, Angle told Madden that he spoke with Triple H six weeks ago and that he would in fact be returning to WWE, although he did not yet know the official date he would return on.

Since this came straight from Angle’s mouth, it seemed safe to assume that this was true. However, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE officials confirmed today (June 23) that Angle will not be returning after all.

Mark’s reaction: As noted in the title of this article, this news is currently a report. WWE has not officially come out and made a public comment saying that Angle will not return, we’d just have to be taking Meltzer’s word for it (a man whose “word” is very credible).

I do believe Meltzer heard this news from WWE officials. However, maybe this news could mean a couple of different things. The WWE officials’ word could be true and Angle won’t be returning. Maybe it has to do with money. He is older and more injury prone. On the other hand, maybe WWE officials were upset with Angle talking about his return (assuming they wanted to keep it a surprise) and are saying this to try and get the idea of Angle returning out of the fanbase’s head, so when he does return people will be surprised.

I unfortunately am feeling like the latter is false and WWE is no longer interested in bringing back Angle. Everything Angle said during his interview with Mark Madden could have been correct at the time he said it, but maybe WWE’s mind changed and now don’t want him back. Who knows? I just hope I get to see Angle wrestle one more match in a WWE ring.

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