Report: John Cena Taking Time Off After WWE Hell in a Cell

WWE United States Champion John Cena has been removed from the post-Hell in a Cell Raw from San Diego, California (October 26) and from every Monday Night Raw scheduled for the month of November. Cena is also not scheduled for any WWE live events during the month of November; including WWE’s European tour that begins November 4th (an event he was previously advertised for, but as of last night, has also been removed from).

In addition to this, the WWE has only a few events scheduled for December, but of those events Cena is only scheduled for a WWE live event on December 30th. There are still plenty of shows that are going to be advertised for the month of December where Cena can be added, however, it’s an interesting possibility that he may be taking a break from WWE television for the rest of the year.

The reason Cena will be taking this unexpected time off is apparently due to “unnamed personal reasons,” according to

Mark’s reaction:

This certainly is unexpected. With NFL season back and Monday Night Football helping to bring Raw’s ratings to a record low in the three hour Raw era, any rational wrestling fan would think that taking Cena off of television would be the last thing the WWE would want to do. However, maybe this decision’s not really up to the WWE. For all we know these unnamed personal reasons could be something serious and the WWE may have no other choice but to give him time off.

Then again, the WWE may have something up their sleeve where they plan on bringing Bryan back during the month of November to help the ratings. Maybe they have some plan to have guys like Lesnar, Undertaker, or various other legends on Raw spread throughout the month of November in order to help the ratings in Cena’s absence. They could be throwing in the towel for the rest of 2015 knowing the ratings will stay somewhere around the same place they always are around this time of year. Or maybe, just maybe, the WWE’s going to try something radical in its final few months of 2015 that will turn Raw on its head and change the game completely when it comes to storylines and angles. I doubt it, but one can wish right?

Perhaps Cena’s filming a movie because he filmed two movies last year (Trainwreck and The Nest) that caused him to miss some dates in 2014. It’s not known if that’s the reason this time around.

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The fact of the matter is no one knows, but it’s fun to speculate as to what new plans they have in order to make up for the absence of Cena. This absence can also mean that he’ll be dropping his United States Championship at Hell in a Cell. He doesn’t have an opponent as of yet, but maybe now’s the time where he puts over someone big time to the point where not only does this person take Cena’s U.S. title, but he puts him out of commission for the rest of the year. The possibilities are exciting to think about.

Who do you think should be the one to take Cena’s United States Championship away from him? Do you think there’s any chance that he will in fact be off television for the rest of the year and not just the month of November? I’m interested to read your thoughts in the comment section below.