Report: John Cena Expected to Appear at WWE Raw Reunion

It wouldn’t be a proper WWE Raw Reunion tomorrow night without John Cena, right? It appears as though Cena will make his presence known although as of this writing, he has not been advertised by WWE.

It was reported by John Pollock of Post Wrestling this evening that Cena is scheduled to appear on Raw. That report was backed up by the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer as well.

Cena, who is a 16-time WWE World Champion, has been focusing on his movie career in 2019 with roles in upcoming major films like Suicide Squad 2 and the 9th Fast and the Furious movie. It was previously reported by the Observer that Cena was working on Suicide Squad 2, which is why he wasn’t advertised for Raw although perhaps there was a way for them to work out it and allow Cena to be there.

Raw Reunion takes place tomorrow night, July 22 in Tampa, Florida, which is where Cena lives when he’s not working on a film. Cena also owns a gym there where other wrestlers that live in Tampa are known to train at.

It will be interesting to see if WWE advertises Cena on Monday morning or afternoon or if they will try to keep it as a surprise. If they advertise him, it could build up more interest in the show. Since a lot of online fans are going to read about Cena tonight or tomorrow, many people are going to know anyway. It’s not like advertising Cena is going to hurt the show.

The last match Cena had in a WWE ring was on January 14 on Raw in a four way with Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Finn Balor. Cena was announced for the Royal Rumble, but WWE never intended to have him in the match, so they did an ankle injury angle to write him out of the storylines because he had a movie to film

Cena’s last appearance on WWE TV was at WrestleMania 35 in April when he interrupted Elias, did a rap as the Doctor of Thuganomics and beat up Elias. He didn’t take a bump, nor did we know when we would see him again. Over three months later, Cena is likely back tomorrow.

It’s expected that WWE will want Cena on the Smackdown on Fox debut on October 4 in Los Angeles too, but we have a few months until we get there.

Another rumored big name that might appear is The Rock. He has posted on social media this week about how he’s spending quality time with family on a farm he owns in Virginia, so that would mean he’s not busy filming a movie or TV show right now. I think that means it’s certainly possible that Rock will be on Raw too.

The updated list of Raw Reunion names looks like this:

Booker T
Candice Michelle
D-Von Dudley
Eric Bischoff
Eve Torres
Gerald Brisco
Hulk Hogan
Hurricane Helms
Jonathon Coachman
Jerry Lawler
Jillian Hall
Jimmy Hart
Kelly Kelly
Kevin Nash
Kurt Angle
Mark Henry
Mick Foley
Pat Patterson
Ric Flair
Road Dogg
Ron Simmons
Santino Marella
Scott Hall
Sgt. Slaughter
Shawn Michaels
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Ted DiBiase Sr.
The Boogeyman
The Godfather
Triple H

TJR Thoughts: I’m not surprised that Cena will be there. I think WWE is going to advertise it on Monday. I think they’ll keep The Rock as a surprise and he’ll be there too.

We will have more on WWE Raw Reunion on Monday morning/afternoon and I’ll cover it live with a Raw Deal review only here on TJRWrestling.