Report: Jeff Jarrett is Now a Part of WWE’s Creative Team

Jeff Jarrett started working for WWE as a Producer in late January, which led to an appearance in the Royal Rumble and a brief feud with Elias that turned Elias back into the heel. During last year’s WrestleMania weekend, Jarrett was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Now, he has a new role in the company.

Jarrett is now a part of the WWE Creative team, reports Mike Johnson of PWInsider. According to Johnson, Jarrett is now in a full-time executive level role in the company. It sounds like he won’t be a Producer anymore, but that was not mentioned in the report.

Recently, WWE also brought back Bruce Prichard to be part of the creative team with Johnson reporting that he’s a Senior Vice President even though Prichard has claimed on his “Something to Wrestle” podcast that his role is undefined. That could just be Bruce being coy about it.

It was also noted by Johnson that Paul Heyman has been more involved in creative because he’s been writing and producing segments involving Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar especially leading up to their WrestleMania matches.

Jarrett is also currently suing Anthem, the Impact owners, because they destroyed the Global Force Wrestling master tapes that Jarrett brought to the company before he left. It’s a messy situation.

TJR Thoughts: I think it’s a good move. Why not? Jarrett knows the business well. I’m not that surprised by this because Jarrett has really done it all in wrestling from being a wrestler that grew up in a family of wrestling because his dad Jerry Jarrett was a promoter/booker and I believe Jeff has talked about his grandma as being a wrestling promoter as well.

After Jarrett left the WWF in 1999, he jumped to WCW until their doors closed and in 2002 he started TNA Wrestling with his dad. That was eventually bought out by Dixie Carter’s family, but Jarrett was the one that ran the promotion for the first decade it existed. I know people like to rag on TNA and think it was bad, but there were definitely some good moments and Jarrett’s experience as a guy that ran a promotion likely helped him land this job in WWE.

I also think it helps that Jarrett’s best friend is “Road Dogg” Jesse James (real name Brian James), who has been a key part of the WWE Creative Team for most of this decade. Road Dogg is one of the head writers for Smackdown as well, so being close with him likely helped Jarrett.

All I ask is they don’t do any reverse battle royals in WWE. I thought it was such a stupid concept in TNA.