Report: James Storm Back To TNA? He Comments On His Future

It was recently reported by PWInsider that former TNA Champion James Storm would be returning to TNA after a brief stint away from the company. The report confirmed that Storm would be at this week’s Impact Wrestling TV tapings in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The news also stated that Storm may even be appearing on TNA television as soon as tonight when Impact Wrestling makes its debut broadcast on Pop TV.

Upon hearing this news, James Storm took to his personal Twitter account to clarify that this “confirmed” news was incorrect and that he is still very much a free agent.

The story PWInsider ran with also confirmed that Storm flew to Pennsylvania for tomorrow’s tapings at the Santa Castro Arena in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Storm explained in another tweet how this was false and that he’ll be in Pennsylvania tomorrow afternoon (today) simply for a meeting with TNA. They’ll most likely be negotiating whether or not a return is the right fit for Storm.

Storm’s made appearances on WWE NXT last year, with his last appearance in November 2015. Storm may eventually return to TNA if his negotiations with them go well, but since he is still a free agent, he is just as likely to return to NXT.

Mark’s reaction: This is interesting news as I’ve been wondering what James Storm has been up to lately. As mentioned above, his last NXT appearance was in November of 2015 and I was waiting for Storm to be used more upon his arrival (similar to Samoa Joe). Since we haven’t seen too much of him in NXT, figuring out that he’s still in negotiations with different companies and never officially signed a long-term deal with WWE makes total sense.

I’m hoping James Storm signs with the WWE. I’ve always liked watching him wrestle. He’s quite entertaining and had some great matches when he was a part of America’s Most Wanted and Beer Money. I prefer him as a tag team wrestler, but he has also proven himself as a viable solo act while he was with TNA. I’d prefer him to sign with the WWE for the fact that if he goes back to TNA, odds are I’m not going to see him wrestle that much because I don’t really watch TNA too often. I used to be a dedicated weekly viewer for a long time, but every year it becomes increasingly harder to watch (especially with shows like NXT, ROH, and Lucha Underground being a lot more fun to watch). There’s a lot of wrestling out there and TNA’s just not on my radar right now.

With all that being said, I wouldn’t blame Storm if he ended up going back to TNA. By the sounds of it, the wrestlers in NXT aren’t getting paid as much as we all think they are. If TNA offers Storm a better deal, then he’s got to do what’s best for his family.
There’s always the possibility that he could be lying and what PWInsider reported on was true, but the bottom line is we don’t really know for sure. If he says he’s still a free agent then I’ll take his word on it.

Are you a fan of James Storm? Which company would you like to see Storm sign with? Leave any of your thoughts in the comment section below.

John Canton reaction: He’s signed with TNA. Wrestlers lie on Twitter all the time. It’s their job. He’s not going to give it away in a tweet, nor should he. I was at his WWE debut in Orlando in October and it was fun to see, but if TNA is going to give him a better opportunity then good for him in going back. Do what’s best for your family.

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