Report: Hulk Hogan’s Mistake Costs Kevin Nash Financially

On his WOOOOO!Nation podcast this week, Ric Flair noted a rather revealing piece of information. Back when the nWo were running rampant in WCW, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan struck a deal with WCW officials that allowed the pair of them to collect 50% of any nWo merchandise sales, an agreement that carried over into the WWE when they re-debuted in 2002 and still stands to this day.

When Hogan’s racial comments came to light recently, WWE pulled all nWo merchandise from their WWEShop website and all stockists. When word of this got back to Nash, it’s being reported that he went crazy as he now owns 35% of all nWo sales as he bought out fellow stable mate Scott Hall’s share.

Nash even went as far as to fly to WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, to voice his displeasure, and an agreement was made to restock all nWo merchandise in all stockists and their online shop.

Ski’s Take – I’ve been a wrestling fan for 27 years, and in that time I’ve learnt a few wrestling truths. Number one, Warrior promos only made sense if you were under 10. Number two, Parts Unknown really truly exists. And Number three, Never EVER get in the way of Kevin Nash and the almighty dollar.

Nash (and partner in crime Scott Hall) coined the phrase “In this business you can either make a lot of friends, or a lot of money. We have enough friends……” That statement right there pretty much sums him up. Don’t stand in the way of his income, friend or no friend.