Report: Enzo Amore Could Go to WWE NXT or 205 Live; Why He Has Heat Backstage

Enzo Amore could reportedly be on his way to WWE NXT or 205 Live. This is according to the latest edition of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The reason why Enzo would be moved to NXT or 205 Live is because it would keep him further away from Vince McMahon, who sees Enzo as a guy to get beat up and can generate reactions. Enzo can also help NXT live event attendance or help garner interest in 205 Live.

On this week’s episode of Bring it to the Table, Enzo’s backstage heat was talked about. JBL mentioned how Enzo has the odds totally against him in regards to making it in the WWE. This is because there has only been one person in the company’s history who has been able to persevere from this amount of backstage heat and that was The Miz.

Corey Graves also mentioned on that episode of Bring it to the Table that he does not personally like Enzo and says that how Enzo acts on television is that same way he acts 24 hours a day.

It was revealed by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter a couple weeks ago that Enzo had a lot of backstage heat on him due to an incident that occurred when talent was traveling together. This incident resulted in Roman Reigns kicking Enzo off the bus they were traveling on.

At the time the details of this incident could not yet be confirmed. However, in Meltzer’s latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he states that Enzo was overheard on the phone talking about the wrestling business in a negative fashion, while bragging about how much money he makes to the person he was on the phone with.

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